Build a Life, Not a Business!

Find out how we haven't had a job in over a decade, traveled the world, got our credit into the 800's, and made over a million dollars without selling our souls.

Inside our book you'll learn...

Lifestyle Design

We haven't had a job in over a decade, let us show you how. There is a simple repeatable and safe process to follow that lets you build your ideal daily life.


If you're like us maybe you grew up thinking money was evil or hard to get. We'll teach you the truth about wealth, credit, investing, and starting a business.

Epic Journey Planning

We've learned that it's a lot cheaper to travel the world than people think. We'll show you how to plan your first epic 90 day journey on a shoe string budget.

We wanted to teach our siblings & Kids how to live their dreams like we have, so we wrote an instruction book...

Justin & Chaunna Brooke, authors of the book

We literally started with just $60, so there is no excuse.

It's all rainbows and unicorns.

There is going to be some a few late nights and learning lots of new things.

If you're not scared to roll up your sleeves and crack open a book, then we've got a recipe anyone can follow. This is the recipe we followed from our broke AF days eating ramen noodles and mayo sandwhiches, to now traveling the world in style.

We aren't accountants or financial planners. 

One of us is a high school dropout.

Yet today we both have credit scores in the 800's and a 6 figure credit limit. We've traveled to 34 states, 9 countries, and 4 continents. And our little internet business is now a 7 figure blessing.

This is us kayaking a caldera in Bali

This is us in front of Osaka Castle In Japan

This is us next to the RV we travel full time in

If we can do this starting out with just $60, then surely you can too.

We're writing a detailed instruction book that teaches you everything you need to know. When we started, we had a plan to write it for our siblings and children to follow in our footsteps, so there's no shenanigans inside.

Inside You'll Learn...

  • Our story of how we got started with just $60​ and how we've grown it over the years into the business we have now.

  • Tips and techniques we learned for building a lifestyle business that doesn't consume all our time and allows us the freedom to travel full time.

  • How to get your money right... seriously, when we started we had an embarrasing 420 credit score. We'll share how we got ours into the 800's. Plus, we'll share how we leverage our credit to earn more rewards that pay for more of our journey

  • ​Design tips for planning the life you want to life and then achieving it. It's not only about the dream... it's about the actions that get you the dream. We cover it all. 

  • Plus so much more

Perfect for any millennial wanting to skip the rat race that they saw their parents suffer through.

And simple enough for baby boomers wanting to retire early too.

That's not a dig, all due respect, just letting you know that we don't geek out on tech stuff. It's all about being easy to follow, repeatable, and safe.

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Oh, and the price for the book will be less than a burger and fries!

How's that for a fair deal? 

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