It All Started When...

We found ourselves working 14 hour days, exhausted, frustrated, and wondering WHY?

We were making some of the best money of our lives, but were still unhappy.  We had the big house in a nice neighborhood, we travelled here and there (mostly for business), and we did a family vacation every summer. Yeah... we "appreciated" what we had built and the lifestyle it afforded us, but as much as we had we were still searching for "happiness."

So we got REAL with ourselves. What did we really want?

We started outlining places we wanted to go, things we wanted to experience, and then asked ourselves what would it take to make that happen? 

In the summer of 2015, we started selling off everything in our 6 bedroom home. Furniture, appliances, go carts, fish tanks... you name it, we sold it. By October, we had mapped out road trip from Florida to California and drove off into the unknown.

A Trip Around ThE World

9 months of globe trecking

We spent 9 months traveling from October 2015 - May 2016. In that time we fished in Georgia, dined in Louisiana, toured caves in Texas, sledded sand dunes in New Mexico, took pics in front of prickly cacti in Arizona, and then basked in the sun in California. Then we shipped our truck home and headed over seas meeting ninjas in Japan, kayaking a volcano caldera in Bali, and getting surf lessons in Australia. 

While doing all of this adventuring we spent time reorganizing and figuring what our business looks like with the lifestyle balance we wanted. Then rebuilt it from the ground up; No more 14 hour days, working Friday nights, and feeling so drained every day. The travel forced us to learn to build systems and hire so that we could work only a few hours each morning and then spend the rest of the day exploring with our kids. 

A typical schedule now, involves waking up with the sun, breakfast with the kids, 2-4 hours at a local library so that everyone can knock out their todo list (for school and work), then lunch at a park or on a trail, ending with a camp fire dinner. Our family of 4 together at last... experiencing the world's beauty, learning to overcome obstacles (in life and in business) and growing beyond them with the flexibility and freedom we dreamed of. 

It wasn't a pretty process, nor is will I tell you this whimsical story of how we miraculously maintained our 6 figure income through it... but it was all WORTH IT.  It's this journey that taught us how to balance both and that you don't have to give up one for the other. 

Where are we now?

Galavanting the United States

After our 9 month trip around the world, we headed back to Florida (our home base and where most of our family lives) and realized that we definitely wanted to continue traveling. We spent a few months systemizing our business so that we could continue to trav We spent another 12 months back home preparing for our next adventure in the US. You see, the first trip we drove our F150 around the US staying in vacation homes in each state... but that left us still missing our "home." 

We left a little later than we planned, but we're back at it. In March 2018, we picked up our 5th wheel trailer and hit the road again. This time with a plan to cover the remaining states we missed the first time through. We don't have a return date... we know we'll be back eventually, but for now we're road schooling our kids and exploring all that the US has to share. 

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